Generating traffic for your website is important but recurring visits and maintaining an engaged audience is equally important. We developed three hacks for you, to help you keep your online audience adequately engaged. This will help you gather the necessary data that will help you improve your business or brand. 1.     Creating Interesting Content Everyone […]

    Live chat is a tool that allows you to engage with people who visit your website directly via chat. According to a study done by Zendesk, 92% of clients feel more satisfied when they use the live chat feature, in comparison to other communication options such as webforms, email and social media. As an entrepreneur, […]

GoChat247 is a Contact Center Outsourcing business that is providing –among others- fully managed live chat solutions to its clients from various regions of the world. GoChat247 is based in Egypt with an office in Canada strategically located to work with Middle Eastern clients as well as to cater to other international businesses. The live […]