9 Reasons You Must Use Live Chat On Your Website

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Live Chat on Website

Live chat is a tool that allows you to engage with people who visit your website directly via chat. According to a study done by Zendesk, 92% of clients feel more satisfied when they use the live chat feature. This was in comparison to other communication options such as social media, i.e., Twitter and Facebook, email and web form.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to know that customer service is an integral part of any business. For entrepreneurs with small businesses, customer service is self-managed while large-scale and medium businesses either out-source from specialized companies or hire from within the company.

Since we are living in a digitalized world, clients expect a business to offer instant support and act fast. Irrespective of this, many business websites do not have this feature available because most still believe that live chat is just a way of connecting with clients and there are many ways to do that. However, this is just a myth because live chat does so much more and below are some of the reasons why it is essential.

It allows multitasking

One of the worst things about talking to a customer service representative on phone is that it consumes one’s time and requires undivided attention, and I am quite sure you have had this experience before, being made to listen to awful music while you wait on hold for an inconsiderate amount of time.

It is quite hard for a customer to carry out any other activity while waiting on hold. The last thing they want is to miss when the customer service representative finally picks up. Having a live chat function on your website will allow your customers to do something else on their computer while waiting for a representative to pick up. They are assured to get a notification when an agent is available.

It is cost-effective

Having a live chat function on your website allows you cut down customer service costs since it significantly lowers your demand for phone support. Also, you can communicate with an even larger customer base with your current team. This is because a skilled customer service rep can easily handle simultaneous interactions with up to three clients.

When managing a call center, you will be required to invest heavily in equipment when our customer base starts increasing. But with live chat, such costs will be minimized.

It creates user satisfaction

According to studies done on customer satisfaction, users tend to feel more satisfied after communicating with a company rep on site when compared to communicating through email or phone call. The live chat function will allow your support staff to guide the users through your website conveniently and easily.

It increases conversion rate

Where matters of converting users to buyers are concerned, nothing is more convenient than the live chat function. According to recent studies, users who engage with live chat are the ones who are more likely to purchase your services or products. This is because your customer service rep will be able to walk them through the process more easily.

Brings out competitive edge

Adding the live chat function to your websites may be just what your business needs to attract more clients. In fact, it will give you an edge over your competitors because most online websites don’t have the live chat feature. Therefore, getting a live chat feature on your website means you can capitalize on what makes it difficult for potential clients to contact your competitors.

It increases revenue

According to an article published in The Jibe, 38% of customers made a purchase because of a live chat session that went well. When users have a real human being to talk to when they get confused over a product or making a purchasing decision, it makes it easier for your business to make a successful sale thus increasing revenue.

It offers quick customer service

In today’s world, user expectation in regards to response and customer service is sky high. Regardless of whether your business is big or small, customers want you to address their issues and respond to their queries as soon as possible. According to an article published in Salesforce, 45% of consumers in the US will abandon an online transaction if their concerns and queries are not addressed fast enough.

It promotes customer satisfaction

Having the live chat function will allow you the chance to resolve all the issues your customers face and even fulfil their needs. Research done by Econsultancy revealed that 83% of customers required live chat for assistance while making an online purchase. Since live chat tends to be a more personalized way of dealing with customers as compared to using social media, it promotes customer satisfaction.

It increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts

To drive traffic to your website, you need some serious SEO and marketing efforts which require both money and time investment. However, if you capture leads effectively, you will not need to use these efforts. Having a live chat allows you to engage your customers on a personal level and respond immediately thus enhancing your marketing efforts.

Customer service is a fundamental and continuous process that needs to be updated and upgraded as technology continues to advance.

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