Top 5 Hacks E-commerce Businesses must use to Grow

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E-commerce has become increasingly popular in marketing and promoting various brands. To get traffic for most e-commerce advertising, businesses rely on social media and google AdWords. As much as these platforms generate positive results, they are costly, and you need to put in a lot of effort to get clients to click on your brand website. Converting clicks into real time clients depends on how much effort you put and how different your business website is from the rest. If you change the way you do things, then you will not only lose money in advertising, but you will also gain no traffic to your site. The following hacks could help boost your business growth.

1.    Change your Branding Design

Content is very important when it comes to advertising your product or brand. However, content without a responsive design will not do much to attract enough traffic to your site. Every design you choose should be well thought out, be consistent and should send out a clear message without any distractions. An e-commerce design that has persuasive techniques to attract clients will get more clicks than a plain design. To attain this persuasiveness, you can use the following techniques

  • Always include a call to action in your advertisements to catch the reader’s attention. You can do this anywhere in your content but for shorter descriptions of your brands, a call to action at the end would be more effective. A call action in most cases leads to the readers going for a sale of your product or service.
  • Avoid the use of passive language, as this will help your readers to act on what you are promoting.
  • Make sure the benefits of your products stand out. Do not only focus on the known benefits. Go deeper and name other special benefits that most of your clients are not aware of about your product.

2.    Retarget your Ads

If your website design is driving away clients instead of getting more of them onboard, then you need to think about retargeting your ads. Give more attention to cart abandonment clients and change your website. Either abandonment could be due to links that no longer open or links that have not gone through any updates since you started your business. Retargeting allows you to use better methods of advertising like the use of Facebook ads or PPC ads to woo your old clients back to your site to finish their purchases. Use many display ads and banner ads or put up your site on AdSense or Facebook, reminding your clients to revisit the site and fill up their shopping cart.

3.    Use Brand Loyalty Programs

Many businesses do not find the need to entice their customers especially if they think they have hit their mark. Customer enticement is very important as it strengthens their attachment to the brand. Start by introducing a system where clients accumulate points with every sale. When the client reaches a certain loyalty level, reward them with discounts, giveaways or any other special kind of enticement that befits your business.

4.    Allow Live Chat Features

One other very effective way of bringing back your clients and enhancing your e-commerce marketing strategy is by introducing live chats. Live chats allow you to interact directly with your customers where they can ask anything regarding the products. In case there is a problem with a certain product, the fastest way to learn about it is through live chats.

You also need to collect feedback from your clients on various products and being available 24/7 to listen and read the clients’ views is the only way to find out whether you are moving in the right direction. Collecting and analyzing all the call logs and chats you get every day will also point out to how good the layout of your site and how well it is functioning.

5.    Email Marketing

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the most effective ways to reach your customers is email marketing. Email marketing is a big incentive especially to retarget your customers. Make your emails as persuasive as you possibly can by using incentives like discounts, highlighting the new products, and adding every valuable content. Make the emails regular and not too formal. Many people prefer receiving emails especially on any promotional programs you have than reading about on social media sites.

6.    Wrapping It Up

Though the above post only mentions five of the hacks e-commerce businesses must use to grow, many other hacks also go a long way in making your business increase its conversions to real sales. All you need to do is be articulate and aggressive when you are carrying out your e-commerce marketing.

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