How long will it take to go live with chat?
We believe in creating customized knowledge base of each client and time required depends upon the complexity of business but usually we take 4 days to complete process.
What are the industries you support?
Currently we are working with ecommerce, e-payments, SAAS, IOT, retail and services sector but because of our personalized services we cover all industries except adult or gambling industry.
Can I use my own branding in live chat box?
We provide complete customization of chat box depending upon your subscription plan.
Can I use my existing software?
We have carefully chosen software for you and we recommend to use our software but we can accommodate other software as per your need. Please contact us to discuss your need.
Do you provide assistance for installation?
We provide complete technical support for the installation of live chat on your website. Our process is hassle free and installation process will not take more than an hour.
What are the leads/Inquiries?
Leads are the email IDs our chat agents will collect from the website visitors during chat support. While inquiries are the quires your existing customers or leads will ask regarding your company.
How can I ensure transparency in leads/Inquiries?
We maintain the record of all chats regarding leads/Inquiries and share with clients on request.
What will happen when my allocated leads/inquiries will end?
We will notify you when your allocated leads/Inquiries will end and as per your recommendation either your account will be upgraded or you will be charged at the additional lead/inquiry rate of your plan.
What will happen if i don’t use all of my allocated leads/inquiries?
All unused leads/Inquiries will be added to your next month’s same or upgraded plan.
What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept PayPal and all type of credits cards on our secured payment gateway. You can also make payment via offline methods. To know more about the payment, please contact us (Contact us page link).