Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing

A cost-effective way to increase customer loyality and retention, generate leads and increase revenue

Looking to outsource your calls with the same level of in-house quality and expertise?

We manage your calls with the highest level of quality and professionalism capitalizing on our industry-specific knowledgeable agents, leveraging latest technology with 24/7 availability

Key Features

Multilingual customer support

Professional agents

No abandoned calls

High quality infrastructure

24/7 availability

Lead generation

CRM software

Ticketing system

At our Call Center we provide a diverse portfolio of voice services that are tailored to your needs coupled by knowledgeable and experienced agents relevant to your specific industry.

Inbound Call Center Services

Customer Service

Customer service: Our agents handle all your customers’ business-related inquiries and requests with a personalized approach providing full information and attentive support. Consistency, case-by-case management, and informative responsiveness are key.

Overflow management: Your call center reached its handling capacity and can’t take any additional traffic? By directing your overflow traffic to us, you can still be there for your customers. Our agents receive similar training to your in-house agents allowing our Call Center to serve as an extension to your business.

Overflow management
After hours answering

After hours answering: Who says you business needs to close after your official working hours? We provide 24/7 customer support, allowing your business to be running constantly without disruption and ensuring you don’t lose a potential lead or client.

Outbound Call Center Services


Telesales: Our telesales agents are professionals at selling your product or service directly over the phone. Their excellent communication skills and persuasive attitude combined with extensive product/ service knowledge and patience can close any deal. Let us help you grow your business by introducing your product/ service to potential clients.

Call surveys: To improve your call center quality of service, we conduct call surveys for quality assurance. Based on customers’ feedback, we identify your problems and recommend actionable agent and call center enhancements.

Call Surveys

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